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About Top Line Parts

  Top Line Parts is a company dedicated to serving the VW community.  We opened for mail order business in 1979. Originally, we were oriented toward supplying parts for all models and years of VW cars.  In the mid-1980s we developed a method of modifying and lowering the Super Beetle model successfully.  Since then, our main catalog offerings have been concentrated in that area.  Now, we find ourselves in a new era where we can offer support for more vehicles and models, as well as covering more product categories.

We have traditionally offered mainly hard parts.  In other words, our strong point has not been the rubber and plastic restoration market, but rather the items that make your car go, stop, and handle.  We will continue with this hard parts specialty, but will expand our offerings to cover "late model" repair parts as well.  We will define "late model VW" as any 1969 and later car with fully independent (IRS) rear suspension.

Many customers who call in their orders are surprised to find that we routinely stock repair parts for cars back to about 1958.  While this has not been our advertised specialty area on the internet, we do have a good stock of these items.  Please don't hesitate to call about an item that you do not see on our website.

To all of you, from all of us at Top Line Parts Store - Thank you and have a happy project!

 Jon Chabot


Jon Chabot, DBA Top Line Parts