Alternator, Modified for External Regulator… 90-0144AM

Code: 90-0144AM

Alternator, Modified for External Regulator. Regulator, mount, and wiring included. Modified and re-assembled in USA…. 90-0144AM


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


This alternator is the one to choose for any application where charging absolutely has to be reliable and fixable in the field. Use this unit for offroad racing, rally, or road racing. By mounting the regulator externally, you have eliminated the number one cause of charging malfunction…..regulator failure. Each unit is disassembled by our technician, modified for external regulator wiring, and reassembled. Durning reassembly, our technician improves any mis-fitting of components, and double checks fastener tightness, bearing fit, and component tolerances. Finally, the unit is checked for voltage/current on a test bench. A sturdy mounting plate is supplied for the regulator, and special secure connectors insure reliable connections. Alternator made in China. All modifications performed in USA.

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