Top Line TL-4 camshaft….#30-0035

Code: 30-0035

This cam is ground on a Scat billet for Top Line by Steve Long Cams.  It features high lift, 106 degree lobe centers, and a built in two degree advance.


In stock

In stock


Here is a custom grind from Top Line.  Made specifically for us by Steve Long Cams, the TL-4 has been used by a large number of our customers with great success.  It boasts a generous amount of lift with stock 1:1 rockers.  To enhance it’s high torque effect, it is ground on 106 degree lobe centers.  The cam is also ground with a built in two degrees of advance.  We recommend this cam for heavy street cars, off-road cars over two liters, and even Type-3 and Thing applications.


Lift w/1.1 rockers…461″   Duration….290    Duration at .050″…252    Cam Lift….419″   Lobe Centers… 106 Deg.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 in